Well, its taken a week shut away in a dark room, hunched over my desk, but the new logo/branding and website are finally ready to go live.

The new logo, following many (mostly discarded) sketches on paper, was created in Affinity Designer as a vector graphic. The animated logo sequence, shown when first accessing the site, was then created by recreating the SVG data in JavaScript and animating the points making up each polygon. This was a little time consuming but I'm pretty happy with the result.

The new site also began life as graphite deposits on the processed corpses of trees (paper sketches). After that, I moved in to Adobe Photoshop CC and got all my exact dimensions, fonts, and colours sorted.

Coding next, and this was done using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript on top of ASP .NET 4 (C#) in Visual Studio. The site has been built to be entirely responsive, working on screens as small as 320 pixels wide. It has also been built to work as a single page using AJAX to load in new content to make the whole experience feel much more slick. Again, these page transitions took a little more work but, seeing the end product, I'm glad I put the extra time in.