A passion I've had even longer than making games is playing and composing music. Everything from metal to electronica to classical, there are very few things I find more enjoyable and relaxing than hearing a new track come together, layer by layer.

As well as having played in a few bands, I realised how hand-in-hand game development and music writing could be and composing tracks to convey a particular mode or atmosphere provided a new and exciting challenge. Whilst I still work on new pieces in their own right, a lot of the music I produce now is targeted at being used in games.

I've recently set up a SoundCloud account and will be looking to keep that topped up going forward.

Sound Cloud

Tools of the trade

I love quite a range of musical styles and couldn't possibly afford, financially or in terms of space, all the real instruments needed to be able to produce them all so I make use of a lot of software instruments. However, certain styles of music seem to lose something if fully programmed rather than actually played, plus I really enjoy playing guitar and keyboard, so I record all my music on one of those two instruments and then process the sound afterwards. The main tools I'm using at the moment are: