Introducing my current main project. Abholos is an action/space-sim/rogue-like/strategy/RPG set in an infinite universe. Whilst it would seem that the current indie market is beginning to amass space-sims in the same way it previously did with post-apocalyptic zombie themed games, I don't believe we've reached saturation point yet and there are still new things to bring to the table. Additionally, this is a project I've been planning and wanting to take on for a long time as, whilst I really like a number of them, none of the current offerings are quite the same game that I really want to play.

Two things to clear up straight away:

1) "Abholos" sounds familiar...
This game has nothing to do with the Cthulhu Mythos. Prior to coming up with a real name for my projects, I codename them with the name of one of H. P. Lovecraft's Great Old Ones. The name "Abholos" is entirely temporary.

2) When you say "main" project...
I'm sure I'm far from alone on this one but, as a one-man team, reaching burn out on a single project can happen quite quickly if you funnel all your available time into it. As well as a main project, I like to keep a series of smaller projects going; little games or simulations that can be finished in the background in a matter of weeks. For me, this helps to keep motivation up by getting to regularly complete projects rather than feeling like you're on a single never-ending venture. It also provides a distraction when the main project starts to become too much and often can help you find a solution to a problem in the main project my giving your mind a reboot and helping you look at things another way.

More details soon but, for now, a few pages of some planning work.